Progress Powered by Technology, Seeded by People

Our vision is a renewed Earth. We begin with our SEEDesign™ platform

Our Points of Distinction

Cutting-Edge Technology and IP Platform


Predictive Design: creating an editing blueprint through deep learning and machine learning

Advanced Multiplex Gene Editing Toolkit: facilitating multiple edits across multiple genes

A rich pool of intellectual property with broad application

Well-Defined Commercial Strategy


Unique commercial relationships with Independent Seed Companies (ISCs) selling directly to farmers

A superior feedback loop between Inari and farmers via ISCs, informing future products

Strategic partnerships with leading seed companies enabling market expansion in new crops and regions



Sustainability Impact: focusing on the world's largest crop types

Efficiency Improvements: product pipeline includes fertilizer and water use

Yield Increase: projecting as much as +20% in Inari's current crops vs. historical increases of ~1% per year

Diverse and Highly Experienced Team


Unparalleled experience across agriculture, biotech, commercial, intellectual property and academia

Active support from a world-class Scientific Strategy Board composed of genetics experts from top global institutions - including Jennifer Doudna, 2020 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of CRISPR-Cas9

Who We Are


Ambitiously Grounded


We embrace challenges and are willing to take risks to deliver high impact results. We respect diverse views - seeking out and supporting ideas from others.


Collaborative Innovators


We are curious explorers who believe collaboration can overcome limitations and expedite success. We bring new people together to cultivate diversity in thinking, development and execution.


Stewards of Our Planet


We hold ourselves accountable for the footprint that we create and strive to protect the Earth for future generations.