The Latest Breakthroughs, Unlocking the Full Potential of Seed

The past decade brought major advances in genomics, artificial intelligence and multiplex gene editing. The SEEDesign™ technology platform harnesses each of these cutting-edge developments to drive transformative improvements in yield and resource use efficiency.

Here's how

The SEEDesignTM Technology Platform



Building an ever-deeper understanding of plants' complex inner workings


Gene Editing


Executing multiple edits and edit types, all at the same time

The Details

Predictive Design

The Blueprint

Plant genetics are incredibly complex. They're big - the wheat genome, for example, is five times the size of the human genome. Perhaps more critically, however, the most impactful characteristics are driven by not one or two native genes, but by intricate networks in which many of these genes work together.

With access to the latest advances in genomics and artificial intelligence, we develop and analyze a constantly growing trove of data - from sequence to phenotype to field and back. The resulting Predictive Design blueprints confidently guide our plant scientists to determine which gene edits will not only be effective, but the most effective.


Advanced Multiplex Gene Editing

The Toolbox

Inari is a leader in multiplex gene editing, with the revolutionary ability to execute a variety of edits and edit types to multiple genes, all at the same time. Our plant scientists can simultaneously turn genes on and off, dial up or down a gene's expression to increase or reduce its effects, and - through our patented PRIDE™ technology - make highly precise gene replacements. We're also just getting started: Our toolbox continues to grow with new and refined capabilities.

Because this process works with plants' natural DNA, the resulting modifications are similar to those seen in traditional breeding, but with far more precision and far fewer resources - and crucially, in far less time.


Multiplex Gene Editing: The Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of Seed

Take a deeper dive into multiplex gene editing, how it compares to existing breeding technologies and its crucial role in the future of agriculture.


endless possibilities

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Ensuring a More Plentiful Future

Our technology platform has the potential to transform any crop in any geography, with endless possibilities. To achieve the greatest sustainable positive impact, we're starting with the crops that have the largest footprints: corn, soybeans and wheat, which cover more than 500 million acres across the Americas alone.

But this is just the beginning.