Transforming the global food system.

Unlocking the full potential of every seed.

Diversity is nature’s most effective strategy. This is why Inari embraces diversity in every aspect of our business to drive innovation through our SEEDesign™ platform. Our technology matches the complexity of nature to transform seed using predictive design and advanced multiplex gene editing – an unrivaled toolbox in depth and scope. The result is step-change products that lead to more productive acres and a more sustainable future for the food system.



Diverse expertise from across the spectrum.

Just as diversity of nature underpins our approach to seed architecture, we believe in the power of diversity in everything we do. By combining groundbreaking ideas from multiple disciplines, we are able to constantly push boundaries and expand our skillset, generating new solutions to some of humanity’s biggest challenges.

Ponsi Trivisvavet

Ponsi Trivisvavet

CEO & Director
Catherine Feuillet

Dr. Catherine Feuillet

Chief Scientific Officer
George Church

Dr. George Church

Scientific Co-Founder and SSB Member
Steve Jacobsen

Dr. Steve Jacobsen

Scientific Co-Founder and SSB Member
Rodolphe Barrangov

Dr. Rodolphe Barrangou

Scientific Strategy Board, CRISPR System
Jennifer Doudna

Dr. Jennifer Doudna

2020 Nobel Prize Winner
Michael Mack

Mike Mack

Executive Chairman
Howard W Buffett

Howard W. Buffett



Make our mission, yours.

Whatever your expertise and experience, you could become part of an inspirational team leading the quest for solutions to restore diversity in food.


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BLOG POST 01.25.21

Unlocking the Possibilities in Seed to Transform the Global Food System

Modern agriculture is an incredible success story, with each ​advancement enhancinghuman nutrition or aiding food security. Unfortunately, success is sometimes accompanied by unintentional side effects. In itscurrent form, our ​food production system demands that nearly 50% of Earth’s habitableland be put under cultivation, using more natural resources than we could ever replace...


Inari Expands Board of Directors with Appointment of Bob Bechek

Inari, a biotech seed company, today announced that Bob Bechek has been appointed to its board of directors. Bechek is a partner and former worldwide managing director (CEO) and board chair of consulting firm Bain & Company. His appointment, effective...

IN THE NEWS 10.30.20

These CRISPR Edited Seeds Are Planting A Sustainable Future For The Agricultural Industry

Agriculture is one of the most inefficient industries on the planet. Current industrial farming methods demand unsustainable amounts of water, fertilizer, and land. This demand will only intensify as our global population climbs towards 10 billion by 2050. To sustainably…


Inari Scientific Strategy Board member Jennifer Doudna awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Inari scientific strategy board member Jennifer Doudna has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work to identify and develop CRISPR-Cas9. CRISPR is the revolutionary genome editing tool with enormous potential across agriculture and other areas of bioscience.…