Purdue Research Foundation: Spotlight on Inari Agriculture

Inari is the SEEDesign™ company, combining artificial intelligence-powered predictive design and multiplex gene editing to unlock the full potential of seed. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the company opened its second U.S. location in November 2018 at the Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette, where it has offices, greenhouse space and a farm. It also has operations in Ghent, Belgium.

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Reuters: Australian Trial of Gene-Edited Wheat Aims for 10% Bigger Yields

The groundwork for a major trial of gene-edited wheat has begun in Australia, where a state company is growing hundreds of varieties it says could be up to 10% more…


BBC News: How Crops Are Being Disaster-Proofed

Gene editing has already developed in leaps and bounds. But one young seed-design company that wants to take the technology even further is Inari. Read the full article on BBC.com.


Bloomberg: Massachusetts Startup Inari Raises Equity at $1.65 Billion Value

Massachusetts agtech startup Inari Agriculture Inc. said it raised $103 million of new equity at a $1.65 billion valuation. Read the full article in Bloomberg.