Forbes: Gene Editing Seeds with CRISPR is Transforming Agricultural Biotechnology

One of the main focuses of agricultural biotechnology is to feed a hungry world in a more sustainable way. Many current farming methods are inefficient because they require large amounts of water, fertilizer and pesticides. Agricultural biotech is trying to solve these problems by starting at the seed level.

Inari, a company that specializes in seed technology, is using gene editing to change food production by making it more sustainable. Inari announced it has raised $208 million in a Series D fundraiser and has reached a valuation of $1.2 billion.

Inari’s SEEDesign platform focuses on gene-edited seeds that can change how crops are grown around the world. By needing less water and fertilizer, food production could become more sustainable. At the same time, Inari’s methods could increase crop yield to meet the growing demand for more food.

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