Unlocking the full potential of seed.

Our technology can transform any crop in any geography. The possibilities are endless. So to achieve the greatest sustainable positive impact, Inari is starting with the crops that have the largest footprint. Corn, soybeans and wheat cover more than 500 million acres across North and South America. But this is just the start.


Satisfying demand. Enriching the environment.








The SEEDesign™ platform: Our Point of Distinction.

Unsurpassed technology and IP platform

  • 01Predictive Design: creating an editing blueprint through deep learning and machine learning
  • 01Multiplex editing toolkit: facilitating multiple edits across multiple genes
  • 03A rich pool of intellectual property with broad application

Step-change products

  • 01Sustainability impact: by focusing on the world’s largest crop types
  • 02Efficiency improvements: product pipeline includes fertilizer and water use
  • 03Yield increase: projecting +20% in Inari’s current crops vs. historical increases of ~1% per year

Well-defined commercial strategy

  • 01Unique commercial relationships with Independent Seed Companies (ISCs) selling directly to farmers.
  • 02A superior feedback loop between Inari and farmers via ISCs, informing future products
  • 03Strategic partnerships with leading seed and produce companies enabling market expansion in new crops and regions

Diverse and highly experienced team

  • 01Unparalleled experience across agriculture, biotech, commercial, intellectual property, and academia.
  • 02Active support from a world-class Scientific Strategy Board composed of genetics experts from top global institutions - including Jennifer Doudna, 2020 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of the CRISPR/Cas9

Unsurpassed Technology

It’s not about what we can do – it’s about what needs to be done. We collaborate with stakeholders to best understand the challenges facing farmers, society and the planet. Once we have identified a problem, we locate its source in the genetic code of the crop and solve it within the seed. If we don’t have the tools for the job, we get them… or we build them ourselves.

Our process begins by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to gain a true understanding of the complexities of nature. From sequence to phenotype to field performance – our world-class data science and software engineering teams power a proprietary genetic design platform applicable to any trait, crop or geography.

Inari is a pioneer in the field of multiplex gene editing – pushing the limits of what is possible. From standard on/off editing to more unique regulations of gene expression and proprietary replacement editing, our unrivalled capability lets us mix and match tools for multiple changes within a single plant to reveal the full potential of every seed.

Step-change products

By understanding the complexity and diversity of nature, we create revolutionary seeds that reduce the footprint of agriculture while increasing production. We’re working to significantly improve crop yields to enable farmers across the globe to produce equal outputs with less land. In corn, we’re also working to reduce the need for water and nitrogen. All this in less time at lower cost – bringing breakthrough technology to farmers without breaking the bank. By driving value throughout the supply chain we build a foundation for a new food system.

Well-defined commercial strategy

Inari’s go-to-market strategy is unique in scale and simplicity, taking an asset light, high-margin, customer centric approach. Through our West Lafayette, IN based Seed Architects™ we partner with leaders from across the agriculture industry who know what it takes to get seed in the soil with Independent Seed Companies to help grow their businesses and build stronger connections with farmers.

Our people are our ignition

We leverage a unique mix of disciplines and people, combining deep experience within our own sector with high level expertise from across science and technology to exponentially expand our capacity for innovation. All this is guided by a Scientific Strategy Board made up of the greatest minds of our time, who actively challenge us to push boundaries, challenge the norm and strive for industry-leading exploration.

Join Us.

Whatever your expertise and experience, you could become part of an inspirational team leading the quest for solutions to some of humanity’s greatest challenges.