I’ve been involved in breeding and product design long enough to have had a front row seat to some incredible innovations and transformations. None, however, have inspired me as much as the work we are tackling at Inari.

What our research and development teams are producing sometimes boggles my mind – not only because of their skills and accomplishments or the collaboration at all levels of the organization, but also because of the audacity of their mission. Agricultural experts have been confident since the discovery of gene editing that the technology could reshape the industry, but for a company to prioritize product edits that improve resource use efficiency in corn and soybeans is incredibly bold. That said, it is also incredibly important. Any technology that can improve the sustainability of a footprint as large as that of broadacre crops has the chance to deliver widespread positive change, which this industry and our planet desperately need.

The breeding techniques of the past 25 years have delivered on some impressive scientific feats, like widespread, previously unheard of herbicide tolerance. But drastic reductions in inputs, not to mention large-scale increases in yield potential, have remained stubbornly elusive. I believe our work at Inari will help to finally get agriculture and the planet over the hump.

In my role, I have the honor of leading the team that serves as the link between our R&D team’s capabilities and the product needs of farmers worldwide that will help reshape our food system. Our scientists deliver possibility; my team identifies opportunity. By closely linking with our commercial teams and fully exploring the data and information capabilities that technology offers us today, we’re working hard together to develop the best possible crops for the future.

Perhaps most inspiring about our work is that much of it truly was impossible even just a decade ago. That’s how quickly our industry has changed and will continue to change. Fortunately, with the diverse team of thought leaders we have at Inari, I’m confident we’ll help lead the way.


Plotting a Path to a Nature-Positive Food System

Anya Gandy

Sr. Associate, Corporate Strategy


Expansion Into Wheat Continues a Personal Journey
This week marked yet another exciting development in Inari’s progress toward helping to transform the global food system by deploying our SEEDesign™ technology platform in major crops, as we announced a key partnership with leading Australian cereal seed company InterGrain. But this news is also particularly inspiring to me on a personal level.

Catherine Feuillet

Chief Scientific Officer