I believe in the power of purpose, and mine has always been fairly simple: I want to leave the world in a better place than I found it. More so than at any other stop in my career, Inari offers that opportunity.

Our vision is bold, but in the face of a fast-changing climate, we also view it as a global imperative – not a “nice to have,” but a “must have.” Agriculture is the basis of food. Food is the basis of health. Health is the basis of security. If we want to maintain that security, our planet needs significant innovation now more than ever.

To tackle this challenge, we’ve brought together more than 180 of the brightest minds in data science and analysis, plant and human biology, agronomy, and software engineering. Applying an intersection of our disciplines, we’re challenging every single step of how current breeding is done, from seed product design to gene discovery to plant delivery. 

The solutions resulting from our diverse approach are accelerating and bringing precision to nature’s innate processes, creating technology that has the power to transform any plant in any geography by unlocking the full potential of seed. Not only will we be able to increase production, but we’ll also be able to reduce the amount of land and other resources required. These are substantial, nature-positive developments.

Our teams are using some of the most advanced tools available today, combining predictive design and multiplex gene editing in our SEEDesignTM platform. But even as we marvel at the “what” of our work, it’s the “why” that keeps our diverse team together: a commitment to leaving the world in a better place than we found it.


Plotting a Path to a Nature-Positive Food System

Anya Gandy

Sr. Associate, Corporate Strategy


Expansion Into Wheat Continues a Personal Journey
This week marked yet another exciting development in Inari’s progress toward helping to transform the global food system by deploying our SEEDesign™ technology platform in major crops, as we announced a key partnership with leading Australian cereal seed company InterGrain. But this news is also particularly inspiring to me on a personal level.

Catherine Feuillet

Chief Scientific Officer