Ponsi Trivisvavet, CEO, attended the 2020 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos representing Inari as a 2019 Technology Pioneer – an exclusive group recognized for the potential to “transform their industries.”


Gene editing: Gateway to new future of plant breeding?
Looking back over the past several decades, Ponsi Trivisvavet says genetic improvement has added less than 1% yield improvement per year for corn. She believes genetic improvement will have to occur much faster to meet expected future global demand for food and address the impact of climate change on farming.


The Hill: This Thanksgiving highlights the need for agriculture innovation
Even as many people prepare to spend a day with family and friends reflecting on our blessings over a bountiful table, avoiding thoughts of our global food system’s compounding challenges is becoming increasingly difficult. But most days we experience a growing sense of optimism as opportunities to have a meaningful impact abound, especially in agriculture.